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Listen to a conversatin between two students, they're both studying into being English teachers.

Girl: Did you register already for your classes next semester?

Boy: Yes, l did.

Girl: What are you taking?

Boy: Um...contemporary literature , English style, um... the teaching seminar, and l still have to do my student teaching. I'm gonna help teach a writing class of the junior high.

Girl: That's a heavy schedule.

Boy: Yeah, it will be really busy and I'm also taking a theory class. But l have to quit my job a couple of weeks cause it will be just too much.

Girl: Where do you work at?

Boy: Buster's coffee shop, but just till the end of the month.What are you doing next semester?

Girl: Actully a teaching seminar too.And l will have to start writing my thesis. You know, I'm also going for my master's degree.

Boy: So you are not writing any poetry, l imagine.

Girl: No, l was actually thinking about revising some of my poems and sending them into places for publication.

Boy: Cool, you should Um, did you hear about that new poetry club, The Poetry Kitchen?

Girl: Yeah, no time.

Boy: It's fun; it's Sunday night.You don't do anything at Sunday nights?

Girl: l do homework Sunday nights.

Boy: Well, it's only from 7 to 9.

Girl: Is it every Sunday?

Boy: Last Sunday of every month.l don't know about this month, cause it's probably a litle too close to Thanksgiving, so they might move it up. l don't know what they are gonna to do, but it's a good time, its fun, some really impressive readings.

Girl: Who? From our class?

Boy: Some people from our class are reading. A lot of them go, sometimes even the professor.

Girl: Really? l don't know if l would want to read in front of her.

Boy: You wouldn't have to read, you can just watch. l just watched the first time, but it's a good environment to read them, I think anyway.

Girl: l probably have to write something new, so maybe during the summer, l just can't now.

Boy: Yeah, it wouldn't be the same just reading old stuff. Are you going to do summer school?

Girl: Definitely, otherwise, l will be short 6 credits. l have no choice.

Boy: Yeah, me too.This is the second summer.'ll have to take classes. I gotta go now, my Shakespeare class starts in twenty minutes.


这个对话主要还是两个going to be teacher的学生的对话,估计目前的状态在研究生,女生说了她要拿master degree,所有他们作为同期生,现在的身份应该是under graduate。他们都有谈到选课的情况,男生提到了一个诗歌的club,他希望女生参加,但很遗憾,sunday night她要doing homework,没空。而这个club的活动一般都是每个月的最后一个星期天,由学生或professor来read some poems,来者并不一定要读,直接在那里听也行。

男生有提到他要做的事情太多了,比如writing a class for junior high,所以他必须要辞职掉他咖啡店的兼职。然后他还提及summer还要上选修课,女生也要上,不然她会缺6个学分,she has no choice but to do it。


  • contemporary literature 当代文学
  • junior high 初中
  • seminar 研讨会; 专题讨论
  • thesis 论文
  • poetry 诗歌
  • revising 修改
  • poems  诗
  • Shakespeare 莎士比亚


  • I gotta go now 我得走了
  • But l have to quit my job 这里特指兼职




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