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About me


Anime, Foreign Languages, Programming


Web Development~

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WinForm Development~

Domain name

v2know refers to v2ex, means way to know.

This website is used to organize and acquire more knowledge. These blogs will be used as personal notes and learning. The main purpose of this website is my knowledge base. If it can help you, it would be great.


Is this site a Blog Website?

Yes, but I think it's a half Blog Website.

Does it support RSS?

Of course support. (Feeder is recommended)

Privacy policy?

Your IP will be recorded. If you send a comment, the email address or website address will be recorded, but will not be made public.


This site uses the protocol CC 4.0 BY-NC-ND. Of course, some of the images on this site may involve copyright issues. If it is your related work and you believe that it harms your interests, please contact me and I will delete it as soon as possible.

Can you get my contact information?

No, you can't. Since I'm very busy, and I hardly use any online chat application, I don't want my personal time occupied. So it's better to leave a comment directly. Then I can pick a time to contact you by email. 

Support me!

Thank you for seeing here. If the articles and blogs on this website I wrote are helpful to you, you can leave any comments.

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