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原創 Weight loss experience | Why can I eat fried chicken burgers, but still so thin?

I believe 99% of people have the experience like in the scences that I've just written. For many people, including me, losing weight was a vicious cycle, where you lose weight very quickly, it's painful in the process, and you gain the weight back when you can't take it anymore ...

2020-11-26 19:00:57

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原創 American studies have found that people who are slightly obese live longer!

Although today's society admires a slim figure, from a health perspective, it is not that thinner is better. A few years ago, France enacted a bill to set health standards for fashion models to prohibit underweight people from working in the industry. This is called a "ban on weight loss" because of concerns about the health of the modeling industry for many years ...

2020-11-18 16:49:30

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原創 [Homemade Butter] Make cream from milk, then make butter, no failure

Today I teach you how to make butter at home. AND I will show you different ways to make butter. One way uses milk. And the other one uses cream. Traditionally butter was only made from raw milk. Butter is nothing else than the fat that is contained in milk, separated from ...

2020-11-14 17:15:51

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原創 Tips for using different ovens

Every oven is a bit different. These kind of build-in ovens, they have good seals and better heat circulation. And therefore bread in these kind of ovens generally bakes better. Some of the smaller and cheaper ovens with really thin doors and not as good seals, they have very ...

2020-11-07 12:25:58

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原創 15 minutes to make Real European-style homemade bread, very simple, no failure

In Europe from North to South we have endless variations of bread. French people really love their Baguette, Brioche or tasty Croissant. Small countries like Austria have more than 15 kinds of bread. We really love our "Schwarzbrot", also "Roggenbrot" or "Laugenbrot" , and ...

2020-11-05 09:47:01

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