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Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: ~末に/末の


  • 長時間の議論の末に、やっと企画案の内容が決まった。After a long discussion, the content of the proposal was finally decided.
  • 考えに考えた末に、今の会社を辞め、自分の会社を立ち上げることにした。After thinking about it, I decided to quit my current company and start my own company.
  • この理論は八年にわたる研究の末に辿り着いた結果です。This theory is the result of eight years of research.
  • 後悔はしない、婚約を破棄したのは熟慮の末の決断なんだから。I don't regret it, because it was a deliberate decision to break the engagement.

Contains the meaning of "after some...finally...", emphasizing that after a long process, a certain conclusion or a certain result is finally reached.

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