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托福备考第40天——TPO口语材料分析(TPO51)(学术场景Academic Lecture)

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PREP: 30 seconds, SPEAK: 60 seconds.


Stating the Lecture Subject "The professor talks about (LECTURE SUBJECT)"
Transition "She illustrates this concept using two main examples."
First example/First part (3-5 sentences) "First the professor notes that (DETAIL S). For example(EXAMPLE)."
Second example/second part (3-5 sentences) "Secondly, she says that (DETAIL S). For instance(EXAMPLE)"



The lecture talks about two display behaviors that animals use to main group's unity.

The first display behavior concerns threatening, which serves to avoid fights. For example, when two baboons found some fruits and both want to have these fruits, the baboon which sees the fruits first would stare at the other baboon and make grunts. The other baboon understands the signal and would give up trying to get the fruits. This behavior prevents fights between the two baboons.

The second display behavior is a friendly behavior, which aims to reconcile after a conflict. Assume that the baboons do get into a physical fight. After the fight, the two baboons will find ways to make up. They may approach each other, make friendly noise and even hug each other. These actions help restore the group's unity of the baboons.


In the lecture, the professor talks about two ways animals may use to maintain group unity.

There are two key points.

The first key point is using what is called threatening display behavior. Take baboons for example. When two baboons find some fruit and both of them want to eat it, one of the baboons may stare at the fruit and make some threatening noises. After receiving these signals, the other baboon would walk away and give up these fruit without a fight. Thus, the group unity is remained.

The second key point is through use of friendly display behavior. Still back to baboonexample. lf two baboons do get into a physical fight but afterwards, they would get close to each other and even hug each other,which means that they are not angry anymore, they can still be friends. So the unity is maintained again. Therefore, by giving out these two examples, the professor explains two ways to maintain group unity.



  • baboon 狒狒  
  • grunts 咕噜声
  • reconcile 调和






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