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University should Build a Parking Lot for the Humanities Building
l think the university should consider building a parking lot near the humanities building. Right now there's only street parking available,and it isn't enough. Whenever l look for a spot to park in the street near the humanities buiding, l cant find one. A parking lot for the humanities building would sove that problem.Also, there's a wooded area behind the building that would make an ideal location for the parking lot.The university could just clear away the trees and build a lot - the space is already there for it.

Joe Simmons


PREP: 30 seconds, SPEAK: 60 seconds.

Reading Main Point “According to the announcement/article/letter.."
“The university announced that...”
Reasons from Reading "because..."/'to..."
Transition "The man agrees/disagrees with the plan/proposal for two reasons,"
First Reason+Detail "First of all, he argues that...“
Second Reason+Detail "Moreover, he states that...”



According to the passage, a student suggests that the school should build a parking lot for the humanity building, saying that street parking is not enough for students' need and the wooded area behind the building can be used to build the parking lot.

The woman in the conversation totally disagrees with this idea for two reasons.

First, she says that the street is not the only place near the humanity building where students can park their cars. The dining hall and the library are within walking distances. The woman believes that it's okay to walk a little to park cars.

Secondly, she points that the trees in the wooded area should not be cleared away. The wooded area is the only wooded area left on campus. Therefore, the school should preserve it. Students like to rest and study under the shade of the trees there.










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