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Listen to a conversation between a student and an employee in the University's systorical historical library.

Morning, what can I help you find?

Well, I thought saw on the internet that the University has menus and things from local resturants, like this spring filter etery Springfield Eatery.

Right, a lot of local bussinesses have bult donated materials to our collection. In cluding including that restaurant. I'm pretty sure we have teller 10 or 15 boxes of materials from there.

Good, I thought you were located in the main library, so I went there first. And they send me here. I didn't hadn't realize the University had a seprate separate historical library. I think what you're doing is great, collecting local documents and photos, keeping a record a of the region.

I'm glad you see the value in it. We've been collecting materials for going on 17 70 years now. Last year, we have had an exhibition that show case showcased how the town square has changed over past 15 50 years.

So, that got the word out a little, but you're right. A lot of students don't know we exist. Well, I'm less to unless they're major in history. So you're looking for something for class?

Not exactly. My grandmother went to this University, and while she was here, she worked as a waitress.

At the spring filed the eater rate. Springfield Eatery.

Yes, and that's where she met my grandfather. So they're celebrating their 15th 50th Aniversaries anniversary this year. And I noticed online that you have old menu from summer some of the restaurants. I was thinking I could find one from the year they made met and frame print a copy for them.

What younic a unique idea? Yeary What year you are looking for?

Umm, 1954.

I know we have a few menus from the 1950s, but you'll have to check. There're some gaps, some years we didn't recieve any new materials, and some times restaurants go a while without changing their menus.

Oh, no, I really want to give them something special.

Well, how about this? We also have a lot of photos, so maybe you could find one of your grandmother, or maybe even one with both of your grandparents.

That'll would be awesome.

The only thing is most of our materials are still in boxes.  ??? No one's ever taken the time to orgnize organize them. So iiit my it might require a fair amount of selfting sifting.

Umm, I hava a couple of tests coming up, but I can take a quick look, if that's OK. I know some libraries have special rules for handling delicate or old materials. 

Well, these aren't particularly old. Just usual rule supply rules apply no food or drinks.

Okay. Thanks for your help.




  • I'm less to unless they're
  • summer some of (这个错法其实很经典的,别说我会听成summer,就是语音识别也能)(WIN+H可以尝试一下)
  • frame print (我很确信我听到的是frame)(不过这样也不影响大意理解)
  • younic a unique 独到的想法
  • rule supply rules apply  (这个连读我是没想到的)


  • Eatery 小餐馆
  • Springfield Eatery 春田小饭馆(虽然是TPO上的翻译)(但是难道这是个日本饭馆?因为能翻译成“春田”也是真的很奇怪)
  • anniversary 周年纪念日
  • sifting 筛分 (这里是特指筛分需要的时间)(也是真的奇怪呢)


  • got the word out a little (这里应该是特指上次展览给自身带来一些知名度,带来了一点宣传作用)
  • What younic a unique idea!多么独到的想法啊!
  • a fair amount of 相当数量的





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