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TASK1 阅读 15秒 45秒
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TASK3 阅读+讲座 30秒 60秒
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Some people believe that television has had a positive influence on society. Others believe it has had a negativeinfluence on society. Which do you agree with and why? Use details and examples to explain your opinion. (From TPO1 Speaking Question1)


ln my view, television has a positive effect for modern society. Firstly, it offers us an efficient andconvenient way to get the latest news and deep analysis on big event. You can directly see what hashappened around the entire world just in your home. Moreover, television also has brought us avisual enjoyment and broadened our knowledge by different types of programs. I can learn Englishskill from CCTV10, focusing on education, or enjoy the movie from CCTv 6, film program. Finally,television can release job seeking pressure at some extent, by providing a job chance for peoplewho are willing to be engaged in related career.

我想吐槽一下尚友音频范文。它的问题从开始就暴露了,我个人觉得直接说I think...会比In my view好,因为In my view给我一种感觉你在写文章......口语的话,追求的是干净利落。(另外这个范文提到了CCTV就离谱,外国人知道CCTV嘛?就像你知道美国有哪些电视台嘛

而且口语回答,基本都是 表达赞踩/反对+例子x2 。(基本套路)

干净利落的表达,可以防止你犯错,我就直接说I think了,怎么了?口语的话,不应该考虑太多高级的表达,你要做的一件事只有把话说清楚、意思传达过去就行。(当然你的发音也很重要,不过这个不在自学的考虑范围之内)


l think the TV has a negative effect on the society.The reasons are as follows:
First of all, there is an increase of violence on television and it would do harm to the children. Infact the children are too young to watch these programs.
In addition, spending too much time on TV is not good for people's health because they just sitthere and hardly move.
The most important thing is that a lot of people nowadays rely on the programs on TV to avoid thereality. Gradually, they become isolated from the society.



l think television has a positive influence on society. lt's a good source of news.The members inthe society can get news easily from News Channels and thus keep themselves informed of what'shappening around. Like, my grandfather watches News on TV everyday just to keep up with thelatest events. Besides, television can be a kind of entertainment. People can watch different showson TV such as funny talk shows and soap operas.l have many friends who like watching Lateshow with David Letterman and some other friends like watching TV series such as Lost andFriends.They all consider TV as a good way of relaxing themselves and of kiling time. So, withthe news and same TV programs, people in a society share a lot of things that they can talk aboutin any event.Therefore, society actually benefits from TV.












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