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What does "あるまい" mean?

あるまい=ある+まい means no, impossible.

1. [Conjecture of the negative result] [はずがない] can't...maybe; […でないかもしれない] maybe not...; [おおかた…でないだろう] probably not...


  • たぶんそうではあるまい/Probably not like that.
  • まだ雨は降るまい/It won't rain yet.

2. [Deduction of Negative Will] I don't intend to..., don't want to...


  • 二度と行くまい/Never want to go again.
  • うるさく言うまい/No more details.

So, you find that it actually has a sense of speculation in it. 

It's not a direct negative tone.

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