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Some suggestions for learning foreign languages

1. You should not think that you are learning 

When learning a language, the most important thing is not the knack of memorizing words, nor the language talent, but the idea of taking language learning as a joy. Just like you can easily spend a whole day watching anime, if you can feel that language learning is not "learning" but a hobby that you are willing to spend a long time enjoying, your language learning speed will change significantly.

The real learning is "I forget I am learning"!

2. More purposeful

You need to understand very well what you just remembered and where it can be used. At the same time, make divergent associations, how many kinds of response sentences are there for this occasion. It's 2020 now, and Google Translate is very easy to use. You can try to use Google Translate and then look up the book to achieve what you want.

3. Don't think foreign languages are difficult

You should feel that this language is actually not difficult, and you can master it, no one can stop you. Self-confidence is very important, isn't it?
But we are not blindly confident. The famous aphorism says that if humans want to master a piece of knowledge, the best way is to use it. If you use this language every day, you will gradually become proficient in it.
So let's get started, just use it!

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