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Is the human brain single-threaded?Let me tell you why you can't do two things at the same time

Is the human brain single-threaded?

In fact, psychologists have shown that humans cannot do two things at once.

Human attention is a "limited resource", it only pays attention to the information it has "chosen".

When you pay attention to A, other BCDEFs will not be seen by us even if they appear in our field of vision.


According to the attention theory, this part is only “attenuated”, not that it is not “received”.

This situation is very common. For example, when you are watching the NBA, whoever controls the ball often puts your attention on whoever is, and other teammates will be ignored by you.

So in those high-light moments, you can usually remember who the protagonist is, but you can't remember who the specific background board is.


But why can you find some people who can do two things at the same time?

This involves a problem of attention distribution. The premise is automation. You can automate one of these things so that you don't need to take up your brain resources.

For example, mathematics.

People who learn mathematics well, once they see the problem, they already see the result.

Those who do not learn mathematics well can only calculate step by step.

If these two types of people are used in experiments and can do two things at the same time, it is certain that those who have learned mathematics well will perform well.


This is why you can always see some people who can do two things at the same time, but they can't do it yourself, and you are very jealous of them.

But you can actually do it.

This is the same as learning, you must learn the most basic part well.

When you have mastered the most basic knowledge, you will be able to master the more difficult knowledge faster.

Because the most basic knowledge has been automated in your brain, it can be quickly called out when you need to use it.

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